Going green Going green
How to live a greener life
Some great news – a brand new
website full of news and tips on
greener living has launched. The
Tesco Greener Living website has
been created in response to customer
requests for help with becoming more
environmentally friendly. Packed with
advice, the fun new site is:

interactive – customers can take
part in polls and quizzes.

a place where you can share top
tips for being greener – and have the
opportunity to ask a panel of experts
how to be greener at home, in the
garden or at work.

full of fantastic activities and games
to involve children of all ages.

And for those who would like to know more about what Tesco itself is doing to be greener,
the new website keeps you up to date on some of the great initiatives in place now, from recycling to zero-emission delivery vans. So get the whole family enlightened as well as entertained at www.tesco.com/greenerliving.
The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) reminds
us it's vital at this time of year not only to provide a variety
of food for the birds but also to put out fresh water for
drinking and bathing. you can stop an area of water from
freezing over by floating a ping pong ball on the surface.
'Don't throw your Christmas cards in the bin,' says Emily
Symons, star of Emmerdale. 'It's easy to recycle them.
Over Christmas the UK generates around 3·5 million
tonnes of waste, but there's so much we can do to
change that.'

From 1-27 January, many Tesco stores will offer a
Christmas card recycling point. Last year stores collected
around 1,500 tonnes – about 75 million cards – through
the national scheme organised by The Woodland Trust
(www.woodland-trust.org.uk) and Recycle Now. These are
recycled into new paper products and the money raised
goes to help the Woodland Trust's crucial work saving our
woods and trees.

Type in your postcode at www.recyclenow.com for local
recycling facilities or phone your local authority for other
possibilities such as Christmas tree shredding.

'Make your New Year resolution to get some new green
habits,' says Emily.
Actress Tamzin Outhwaite has joined Sir Trevor McDonald and
the BBC's green living expert Joanna Yarrow to help launch
Future Friendly, a partnership of Britain's leading
environmental organisations and consumer brands, to help
and inspire people to live more sustainable lives. The Future
Friendly icon will appear on products that help us save water,
energy or packaging.

Tamzin says, ‘The more I learn, the more I realise that by doing little things, we can
make a difference.’ And local heroes who change their environmental behaviour and
inspire others to copy are eligible for the Future Friendly Awards, supported by the
Energy Saving Trust, Waste Watch, Waterwise and Global Cool. To nominate go to www.futurefriendly.co.uk.
Top Tip...
From reader Mary Mortimer in Dorset: 'My mother's generation and many of my friends
iron socks, underwear, everything. With a shirt-a-day husband, two rugby-loving sons and a
fashion-conscious daughter, I cut down on work and energy use by drying shirts on hangers,
pressing when damp, and never ironing towels, bedding or underwear. Anyway I think creases
in T-shirts and jeans drop out on a warm body.'